Your DDX account supports a constantly expanding set of functionality. All designed to enhance your communication and make your lab more efficient.

Intraoral Scanner Integrations

Integrate your intraoral scanner with your DDX account for a comprehensive case management solution.
  • Cases simultaneously arrive in your CAD/CAM system and your DDX/lab management software.
  • Eliminates data entry
  • Keeps CAD/CAM systems and management systems aligned
  • Provides customer service reps instant access to digital cases
  • Improves efficacity and accuracy of case scheduling, reporting and billing

Payment Processing

You can have DDX process online payments for your lab through Moneris, a third-party credit and debit card and online check processing vendor.

Shipping Services

DDX offers deep integration with UPS shipping to make shipment creation efficient and provide accounts with convenient access to their case tracking numbers.

E4D Block Inventory Management

DDX brings fully automated inventory management for your PlanMill. Automated block consumption tracking, electronic order, integrated order status monitoring and automated block inventory replenishment. Eliminate the time-consuming task of tracking block inventory levels.

DDX is ready to help you

“Now, I can just click a button right in Dentrix, and the lab prescription is pre-populated with all of my patient’s info. I attach an impression scan, click Submit, and I’m done. It takes seconds. It’s saved me and my team a huge amount of time with prescriptions. I’d say it’s cut 30% of our calls to check on return dates. And it’s free.”

Fred Peck, DDS

“DDX has enabled my data entry people to become customer service people.”

Rob Lash, President, Moskey Dental Laboratories